Make Sure Your Child Is Provided For

Make Sure Your Child Is Provided For

Team up with a child support lawyer in Orland Park, IL

Divorces often become heated when money and children are involved. This makes setting up an agreeable child support arrangement difficult. By hiring a child support lawyer from King Law Offices, you'll have the legal representation you need to protect your child's future.

Attorney Matthew King will help you understand child support laws in Orland Park, IL so you can assess your options and make sure your child is supported properly. If you need to update your arrangement, we'll help you through the child support modification process.

Draft a favorable agreement by contacting our law office today.

Unfortunately, the legal side of child support doesn’t always end once the agreement is signed. No matter your situation, you can depend on attorney Matthew King to fight for you and your child. We can help…

  • Create initial agreements and negotiate through mediation
  • Draft a child support modification if your situation changes
  • Litigate issues and enforce standing orders if necessary

Get help with any part of the child support modification process by contacting attorney Matthew King at 708-816-5051.