If you are an older adult that is soon to be separated from a long-term spouse or partner, it is crucial that you sort out your finances. In divorces, retirement benefits and assets such as 401(k) accounts are divided between the parties. This requires a special order to ensure that the assets are properly divided. Since Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) involve an intricate crossing of both federal and state law, it’s vital to hire a QDRO lawyer with ample experience to handle yours. Matthew King of King Law Offices, an experienced divorce attorney, has extensive experience drafting these orders. Team up with QDRO attorney Matthew King if you would like an order drafted with ease. In addition, he will ensure that no detail is overlooked during the QDRO process. Get in touch with the firm today if you would like to schedule a consultation with a qualified divorce lawyer in Orland Park, IL.

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A Qualified Domestic Relations Order is a court order used to determine how an individual's retirement plan is divided up. When drafting a QDRO, there is specific information that needs to be relayed to your attorney to ensure that specifications are made clear. Each plan is different and requires specific language. Hire a professional to sort through it all. With many steps to go through, it's important to hire a QDRO attorney that has gone through it before. Matthew King at King Law Offices has many years of experience drafting orders for couples in and around Oak Forest, IL. If you would like a rundown on the QDRO process, call the King Law Offices today to speak with Matthew and find out what he can do for you.

Preparing a QDRO can be very complicated for someone that has not drafted one in the past. That's where we come in. As your attorney, Matthey is able to understand the applicable state laws and federal laws that will affect your case. This is one of the main benefits of teaming up with an experienced QDRO lawyer, since benefits might be left out otherwise. Put your trust in Matthew King today if you are looking for a diligent and reliable QDRO attorney. With years of experience assisting parties with the division of assets, you can rest assured that he will be able to successfully assist you too.

When the future of your finances is at stake, you need reliable legal backup at your side. At King Law Offices, Matthew King is dedicated to protecting your interests. With many years of education and experience in the field, he is confident in his ability to assist you with ease. When you get in touch with him today, he will help you prepare the QDRO and any other financial divisions that you require between you and your spouse. At the firm, we understand how overwhelming this process can be, which is why we are here to help. We are here to ensure that not only is the process smooth, but done properly.

Matthew King has been practicing for more than 10 years. He believes that each of his clients deserves honest, practical and realistic advice. So, when you hire him, you can expect a truthful assessment and advice tailored to your specific situation. Reach out to the firm today to set up your first consultation.